Symptom-checking app in the event of illness or pain

SWICA BENECURA – my health in my hand

The BENECURA app from SWICA is the platform for everything to do with your health. You can access a range of services: The digital "SymptomCheck" function has been developed by doctors to deliver personalised recommendations; the "Health Dossier" securely stores your documents; "PreventionCheck" delivers check-up recommendations; and "Ready for doctor" helps you prepare for a doctor's appointment. You will find the specialised medical dictionary and the medication list to be useful references for getting a basic overview of a range of diseases and medicines. BENECURA is the first medical app of a health insurer in Switzerland, marking a truly unique achievement.

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All functions at a glance

The “SymptomCheck” function, which has been especially developed by a committee of medical experts, helps you devise a course of action for an illness or a health problem by asking you a series of questions about what you are experiencing. It then analyses the information you entered and recommends further steps for you to take in addressing the specific medical issue you described.

Health Dossier
You can use the "Health Dossier" to store your health-related documents and data and, if you so wish, send them securely to your doctor. The dossier is available whenever you need it, even if you're away from home or on a trip abroad.

Send a photo
With the 'Send a photo' service you can easily send images of skin findings, lab and doctor's reports, or other medical documents to santé24 in encrypted form. Photos can be useful for making diagnoses or obtaining second medical opinions via santé24.
How to take photos securely with BENECURA

This service highlights medical check-ups that could make sense for the customer based on the customer's individual history, age, gender and risk factors. PreventionCheck results can be sent by encrypted e-mail directly to the customer's family doctor and discussed at an appointment.

Ready for doctor
Thanks to the "Ready for doctor" service, you can use the SymptomCheck function at home to get answers to the most important questions for yourself. This means that the doctor has detailed information about the patient's health in advance. The information is sent by encrypted e-mail.

Here you will find information about suitable doctors, hospitals, therapists and pharmacies that you can access directly. Your insurance model is taken into account when you search for a doctor.

Reminder function
Reminder function for taking medication or measuring your vital signs.

Important numbers
The app allows you not only to contact SWICA or santé24 directly but also to call your general practitioner, a health centre, and many public medical emergency numbers.

Users can always get a personal overview of the information and recommendations they receive and about how their medical condition is progressing.

The medicine search function provides you with all relevant information about medicines.

The specialised medical dictionary gives you an overview of a wide range of illnesses and explains them in detail.

Things worth knowing
Here you will find a range of SWICA offers relating to your health.

This section contains your personal details. It also has information about your basic insurance model, and about your general practitioner or health centre, depending on your plan.

High patient safety

The BENECURA app is a Class IIa medical product according to the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR). This includes a clinical evaluation and proof that the product delivers the promised medical benefits, meets the stated performance standards, and poses no risk for the user.

Data privacy ensured at all times

The app saves the data in encrypted form in a dossier that only the insured person can access. It complies fully with all the legal provisions on protecting particularly sensitive personal data and on data privacy. SWICA itself cannot view the data at any time. Insured persons decide case-by-case whether, for example, a doctor at santé24 can access the information generated by the SymptomCheck function. We recommend that they do so because the specialists at santé24 then have important preliminary information about their current state of health, which saves time during subsequent discussions. Any such information is subject to medical confidentiality.

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The mobile app is free of charge and available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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