Lenzerheide Sports Centre

The Lenzerheide Sports Centre offers a variety of activities all year round, such as swimming wellness, mini-golf and ice skating. And the family-friendly H2Lai offers unforgettable pool fun for toddlers as well.

The Lenzerheide Sports Centre offers games opportunities all year round in the indoor ice-rink and lots of fun in the summer on the mini-golf course. The H2Lai wellness spa is also an oasis for lovers of water sports, fun lovers and the health conscious – a place to recuperate and relax. In the H2Lai spa you can swim in revitalized water. The GRANDER water revitalization system substantially reduces eye and skin irritations. The water is noticeably softer and feels pleasanter on the skin.


Offer for people insured with SWICA

  • Indoor pool
    incl. outdoor water world, divers’ pool, non-swimmers’ pool and paddling pool as well as the Black Hole, an 85-metre giant tunnel slide
    Adults CHF 9.- instead of CHF 11.-
    Children CHF 5.- instead of CHF 7.-

  • Wellness
    incl. indoor and outdoor pools
    Adults (17 years or older) CHF 23.- instead of CHF 27.-

  • Mini-golf
    Adults CHF 6.- instead of CHF 7.-
    Children CHF 4.- instead of CHF 5.-
  • Ice rink (indoors)
    Adults CHF 7.- instead of CHF 8.-
    Children CHF 5.- instead of CHF 6.-

The discounts cannot be combined with other special offers and for SWICA customers only.

And this is how it works:

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Lenzerheide Sportzentrum
Voa Dieschen
7078 Lenzerheide
081 385 21 85