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Many thanks for your interest in active4life, SWICA’s activity programme. Active4life deals are made available to SWICA stakeholders (around 1.4 million insureds and 27'300 corporate customers) via a variety of communications channels. SWICA is responsible for coordination and for all advertising costs related to its own SWICA advertising activities. We look forward to getting in touch once we’ve received details of your offer.

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Communications for active4life partners  (status November 2018)

Publication of the offers on with logo and descriptions and
direct link to the partner’s website.
The reverse side of SWICA's customer magazine «aktuell» (only in D/F/I) always has four offers (published quarterly). Sporadic publication of the offers depending on the available space and their currency.
Occasionally, our offers are posted on the Facebook page:
Offers also sporadically appear on our digital health platform. The BENEVITA platform offers interesting personalised content on health topics. BENEVITA supports and motivates its users to adopt a healthy lifestyle and is a fun way of getting relevant information about the various phases of life: SWICA BENEVITA app.
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