Box of fruit

PepeRolli fruit hampers

PepeRolli supplies you with the freshest fruits and crispiest vegetables directly to your door or to the office, throughout Switzerland and on the day of your choice – as individual order, on subscription or as a gift hamper.

You can pick your favourite from over 30 different fruit and vegetable boxes. Organic fruit, apples and pears, apricots, bananas, a mix of fruit, or fruit combined with vegetables, as well as host of other combinations in boxes, which come in 3kg, 5kg or 8kg shipments.

A diet rich in fruit and vegetables is important for your health. Together with the Federal Office of Public Health and the Swiss Cancer League, PepeRolli has managed to boost fun and enjoyment through the consumption of fruit and vegetables with its "5-a-day" campaign.


Offer for people insured with SWICA

When you take out a 3-month subscription of your choice, we will give you a fruit box that matches your subscption in kilos.

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Please be sure to include the voucher code SWICA0815 and your insurance number when ordering via

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