Latest on tick vaccinations

Even though it's cold, you should be thinking about next spring. Protect yourself from ticks and the dangerous diseases they can cause. At Topwell pharmacies you can get advice on tick vaccination, and at certain outlets you can even have the vaccination on the spot.

A tick bite can trigger meningitis (inflammation of the cerebral membrane and the brain). The tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) virus, which damages the central nervous system, is transmitted via infectious tick bites. Unfortunately antibiotics are no help; you can only tackle the symptoms. The vaccination is primarily designed as effective protection for people who spend a lot of time in tick-infested areas.

The best time for the vaccination is January and February. You need three vaccinations: at 0 months, then at 1–3 and 9–12 months (Encepur) or at 5–12 months (FSME-Immun). Then, if you're in Switzerland, a booster is recommended every ten years.


Offer for SWICA customers

15% discount on tick vaccination.

You'll find Topwell pharmacies all over German-speaking Switzerland. Details of Topwell outlets where you can have the vaccination, as well as further information, can be found at www.impfen-apotheke.ch. Please note that this offer cannot be combined with other discounts.

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