Healthy sleep thanks to the Mediair airbed

Mediair is an airbed made in Switzerland. Thanks to Swiss innovation it adapts to your individual needs, and requires neither electricity nor heating.

You only get a refreshing night's sleep without muscle tension if you don't have to compensate for the differences in pressure on the mattress due to the uneven contours of your body. When you sleep on a Mediair mattress, air does the job of evening out these differences so that your body can relax in any position. You wake up refreshed, fit, and ready to go. The air mattress doesn't cave in or sag, and even after years of use you'll find it just as comfortable as the very first night you slept on it. You can adjust the firmness continuously in line with your needs simply by turning the pressure regulator.

Ask for a presentation, no strings attached, and take advantage of a 30-day right of return and a 10-year guarantee.


Offer for SWICA customers

25% discount on the entire range (cannot be combined with other discounts)
Show your SWICA insurance card at the shop.

Mediair KLG
Birmensdorferstrasse 266
8055 Zurich
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