In the depths of the Viamala Gorge

The legendary Viamala Gorge is located in the heart of Graubünden. Regardless of the weather, this natural monument's 300-metre vertical rock walls, which tower up towards the sky and are little more than a metre apart at their narrowest point, is incredibly impressive.

359 steps lead down into the heart of the gorge. Rock formation and potholes – carved from the rock by water over thousands of years – exert a fascination over old and young and are an impressive experience even in the rain. The Viamala Gorge can be reached by bus, car, bicycle or on foot. The youngest visitors can look forward to a Viamala treasure hunt. Equipped with a treasure map and a bag the children find out about the gorge and its stories.

The Viamala Gorge’s many attractive hiking trails make it a popular meeting point for hikers from far and near. The star attraction is the Veia Traversina, part of the famous ViaSpluga, the renowned long-distance hiking trail between Splügen and Chiavenna. Two spectacular bridges – the Traversinersteg and the Punt da Suransuns – are particularly dramatic.


Offer for SWICA customers

Cut-price admission to the Viamala Gorge

Adults: CHF 4.00 instead of CHF 6.00
Children (6 - 16): CHF 3.00 instead of CHF 4.00

Please present your SWICA insured person's card at the visitor centre. You will be granted entry to the Viamala Gorge at the group rate. This offer cannot be combined with other discounts. Please note the opening hours at www.viamala-schlucht.ch

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