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BENEVITA bonus programme

By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy attractive premium discounts from SWICA. Thanks to BENEVITA, our bonus programme with the versatile health platform, users have been saving money on their premiums since 2014.


I’d like to benefit too

How to benefit from the BENEVITA bonus programme:


You can register and use BENEVITA free of charge. You can register even if you are not insured with SWICA.

Collect & benefit

You can begin to collect points by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and ensuring you get enough relaxation. The more points you have in your BENEVITA account, the higher your premium discount for selected supplementary insurance plans with SWICA will be. Completely automatically.

Up to 15% premium discount

Enjoy a premium discount of up to 15% with SWICA thanks to BENEVITA.

Other advantages with SWICA

SWICA Fitness

Generous contributions

SWICA supports you and your health with contributions of up to CHF 800 per year. Whether it’s for a gym membership, a dance class, a climbing hall membership, acupuncture and much more besides.

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Reassurance in old age – no age-based rate increases

The premiums that most health insurers charge for hospitalisation cover increase noticeably every five years. But not with SWICA. By basing its premiums on the age when you join, SWICA takes account of the whole period for which you have been insured. This reduces your financial burden at a time in your life when you really need the best possible insurance cover.

Would you like to enjoy the benefits offered by the BENEVITA bonus programme?

Ask for advice today and find out about SWICA's outstanding service and first-class quality. We look forward to hearing from you.

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What our customers have to say. 

«SWICA supports me in my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. When I was trying out Bodypump with a friend, she told me that SWICA made generous contributions to her fitness club membership. So I also switched to SWICA, and am very happy I did. SWICA also provides support in the form of the BENEVITA bonus programme.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Jennifer Hoeffleur –

«I've been more than satisfied for many years. Last year the BENEVITA health platform helped me a lot. I took myself in hand and lost 20 kilos, and I’ve been able to keep the weight off ever since. Now all I have to do is stay as healthy as I am now and live till I’m at least a hundred.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Patricia Atz-Breslaw –

«SWICA pays 800 francs towards my gym membership. And it offers the BENEVITA bonus programme which helps people who enjoy exercise and have a health-conscious lifestyle to keep their premiums down. I would recommend SWICA to anyone who is interested in exercise and health.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Tabea Neuhaus –

Winner of numerous awards for outstanding customer service

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