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Comparis health insurance survey: Switzerland's best health insurance

Switzerland's happiest customers – SWICA comes out top again in a survey of health insurance providers.

SWICA offers you optimum medical care and financial protection in case you are sick or have an accident. Approximately 1.5 million insured persons and 27,000 corporate clients place their trust in the comprehensive services of SWICA. Choose the No. 1 and enjoy exclusive advantages.

SWICA – Because health is everything.


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Convincing reasons that speak for SWICA.

Customer satisfaction: Top ranking for recognised quality and outstanding service

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SWICA is proud to have received top ratings for customer satisfaction and image in independent surveys conducted by companies such as Comparis, K-Tipp and amPuls. These results motivate us in our efforts to deliver the best customer service and quality.

Worldwide customer service and health advice around the clock

SWICA Kundendienst 24/7

SWICA customer service 24/7: We would be happy to advise you in person. If you have any questions about your insurance cover, the customer service line is there to help you 24/7. Freephone 0800 80 90 80

santé24 – your Swiss telemedicine service:  Experienced doctors and medical specialists from santé24 offer you expert advice on all questions relating to prevention, health, accidents and pregnancy  – worldwide, around the clock, 365 days a year. Phone +41 44 404 86 86

Outstanding medicine and first-rate treatment

SWICA Versicherungsschutz weltweit
SWICA offers attractive insurance solutions to ensure rapid preferential access to top medical care and works with a broad network of specialists to provide the best possible convalescence outcomes for its customers. With SWICA BestMed you have a free choice of hospitals and doctors worldwide with the shortest waiting periods.

Leading medical and therapeutic facilities

The Medbase Medical Centers and SWICA partner practices are modern shared facilities which provide all-round conventional and complementary medical care. They are among the leading medical and therapeutic facilities in Switzerland.

Generous contributions of up to CHF 800 per year for prevention and fitness

SWICA Fitness

SWICA rewards personal fitness and prevention activities in the areas of exercise, nutrition and relaxation (e.g. fitness centres, nutritional advice, yoga, and numerous sports associations) with attractive contributions of up to CHF 800 a year.


Fitness & exercise
Sports associations

Unique BENEVITA bonus programme with up to 15% premium discount

Under the BENEVITA bonus programme you can directly influence the premiums for a selected range of supplementary insurance plans by adopting a healthy lifestyle. BENEVITA provides you with relevant personalised information on health-related topics and supports you on the path towards increased wellbeing and commitment.

Personal support in the event of illness or accident

SWICA Care Management
Professional care management: In the event of illness or accident you can count on professional support from experienced SWICA care managers who will advise and support you in choosing the right treatment and help you out on the administrative front. SWICA has more than 85 care managers working for customers across Switzerland.

Home Nanny and Home Attendant services: SWICA can ensure that your child and household are cared for while you are in hospital or at a medical spa. SWICA customers receive professional support through the Home Nanny and Home Attendant services.

The rate based on your age when you join remains unchanged for life

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SWICA bases its premium calculations on the rate when you joined and rewards your loyalty by factoring in the length of time that you have been insured with SWICA. This means that you can keep your outgoings to a minimum, even in old age, and still enjoy the best possible insurance cover.

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Lower co-payments

SWICA and PROVITA are the only health insurers which apply co-payments from their basic plans to SWICA supplementary plans, which means the maximum annual cost to policyholders is substantially lower than it would be with other health insurers.

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SWICA Kostenbeteiligung

Equal consideration of conventional and complementary medicine

SWICA Therapie
SWICA believes that conventional medicine and complementary medicine can be combined to good effect. Anything that benefits your health is positive. That’s why SWICA supports alternative therapy methods and puts them on an equal footing with conventional medicine.

Attractive premium discounts and no multi-year contracts

SWICA’s insurance solutions and services offer the best value for money at every stage in life. Since SWICA does not tie its customers into multi-year contracts, customers enjoy maximum freedom of choice and can always select the level of cover that suits them.

Simple, rapid and secure service with the SWICA apps

SWICA Onlineservice

Thanks to the SWICA apps you can access a range of services. You can use an app to send claims-related documents to SWICA, which means that you always know which invoices you have submitted and can easily track the status of your claims. BENEVITA not only helps you to keep healthy but will also enable you to collect to bonus points and reduce your premiums. With BENECURA you have your health in your hands. If you have a health issue or become ill, you can use the SymptomCheck function to find out more about it. The result is a personal recommendation about what to do next. And you can always rely on the santé24 helpline for medical advice. BENECURA also has a medical and medication lexicon, a valuable reference work to help you to help yourself.

Benefit from personal and individual advice.

SWICA's client advisers would be happy to help you find the optimal insurance cover. Put SWICA to the test – the SWICA team nearby would be happy to provide you with professional and individual advice.

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