Flu vaccination

The annual flu vaccination not only protects individuals against infection and illness, it also protects their home and work environments. SWICA follows the recommendations of the FOPH and advocates flu vaccination for individuals at risk and those in direct contact with them.
  • The annual vaccination significantly reduces the risk of contracting flu.
  • Vaccinated individuals protect both themselves and others (especially at-risk groups and individuals for whom vaccination is not an option).
  • Vaccinated individuals minimise their risk of serious complications.
  • Vaccinated individuals help reduce working hours lost due to illness and the associated costs.

Studies have shown that in a «normal» flu season, around 10% of employees fall ill with seasonal flu. The cost to the Swiss economy is CHF 300 million per year. Thanks to workplace flu vaccination from SWICA:

  • Companies protect their employees and at-risk groups and reduce absences
  • Companies can offer the seasonal flu vaccination conveniently and on favourable terms
  • Companies receive help in motivating as many employees as possible to receive the vaccination since they can be vaccinated free of charge and in a very short time
  • Companies position themselves as employers who actively support their employees' health
Vaccination should be carried out annually because flu viruses mutate and the flu vaccine is therefore modified annually. The best time to have the vaccination is from mid-October to the start of December at the latest.

Flu vaccination check

The FOPH has published a flu vaccination check. Interested parties answer five questions to find out whether they should be vaccinated against seasonal flu.

FOPH flu vaccination check

Thank you for your interest.

Due to the great demand all vaccine doses have already been sold.

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