What you can expect at SWICA

SWICA offers its employees a balanced and comprehensive overall package that takes into account their goals and requirements as well as its own. SWICA is a competitive company that believes in a performance-based culture and supports its employees in reaching their individual goals. SWICA is committed to providing meaningful work by building trust through action, reliability and respect and by fostering personal responsibility and developing an active feedback culture. SWICA ensures healthy working conditions for its employees, provides modern and ergonomic work environments and offers competitive remuneration.

Your advantages with SWICA:

Working hours
SWICA annualises working hours. This allows for more flexible work schedules so that employees can optimally balance their professional and family responsibilities. Working hours are based on a weekly schedule of 40 hours, which is designed around regular office hours and takes operational requirements into account.

In accordance with statutory guidelines, our employees use a timekeeping system in which they themselves keep track of their working hours and absences.

Our employees’ health is a top priority, and we therefore ensure that there is sufficient time for relaxation. We offer at minimum five weeks of holidays per year, and loyal employees (from the age of 25) can take additional days off.

  • SWICA: 5 weeks / 25 workdays
  • Young adults up to the age of 20 and apprentices: 30 workdays
  • On having reached the age of 50 or completed the 25th service year: 30 workdays
  • On having reached the age of 60: 33 workdays

Purchase of additional holidays

If the work situation permits, employees can purchase up to two additional weeks of holiday by offsetting the prorated countervalue against their 13th month of salary.

Paid leave
We support charitable commitments in the form of paid leave as a means of promoting social responsibility. The same principle applies in connection with personal events, such as marriage, relocation, care responsibilities, and death, etc.

Maternity / paternity leave
The care that parents provide for a newborn is of enormous importance, and we therefore grant newly minted dads two weeks of additional paternity leave. Mothers are eligible for 16 weeks of maternity leave at full salary.

Loyalty is rewarded – service anniversaries
Building a sustainable working environment is important to us, and we are proud of our employees who have been with us for many years. We reward this loyalty with generous service anniversary gifts.

Employee development
We promote the interests of our employees and support them in reaching their individual professional development goals. For this reason we offer internal programmes and contribute financially to external ones.

Modern salary system
SWICA is committed to performance-based remuneration in line with clearly defined criteria. We determine competitive salaries based on the person’s function, responsibility, qualifications, and performance, taking into account his or her relevant professional experience. The performance and conduct of all employees is appraised periodically. We ensure that our remuneration policy is gender-neutral and transparent.

Health promotion
SWICA promotes its employees’ health and regularly hosts a variety of events in this field.

Social counselling
SWICA provides support also in connection with professional and non-professional topics. Our partnership with ICAS allows us to rely on a professional partner whom we have known for years:

  • Private: Family, education, loss, anxiety
  • Professional: Conflicts, stress, retirement
  • Financial: Budget advice, debt, social insurance

Employee offers

We have partnerships with local, national and international companies, and our employees can benefit regularly from attractive and exclusive offers relating to leisure activities, hotels, travel, electronic devices, fashion and further development institutions.

REKA Checks
SWICA provides the popular REKA Checks at a 20 percent discount:

  • Working hours starting at 50%: CHF 1'000 (per year)
  • Working hours < 50%:  CHF 500 (per year)

Contributions towards mortgage interest

For many people, being able to finance their own home is a step towards becoming independent and making a long-term dream become reality. Many of our managers therefore benefit from generous contributions towards their mortgage interest.

It is important for us that every employee who falls ill can fully concentrate on his or her recovery, and we therefore offer the following daily sickness benefits plan:

  • Day 1 to day 180 of illness: 100% of net salary
  • Day 181 to day 730 of illness: 90% of net salary

In addition, SWICA pays all of the daily sickness benefits insurance premiums, which other employers and employees usually share equally.

In case of an accident, the benefits from mandatory accident insurance come into effect, whereby our employees receive the full net salary, supplementary to their daily benefits.

In addition, SWICA pays all of the daily accident benefits insurance and non-occupational accident insurance premiums, which other employers and employees usually share equally.

SWICA's group employee contract (health insurance)
All employees can benefit from SWICA’s generous contributions towards their monthly premiums (KVG and VVG). New employees generally can switch to the group employee contract once their probation period ends.

Pension fund / employee benefits foundation
Persons who start working for SWICA will also join its employee benefits foundation, which insures all employees who have reached the age of 17, are liable for AHV contributions, and whose annual salary exceeds CHF 21'330. With SWICA, they start to accrue savings already at the age of 23. Employees who are still at the age of 22 are insured against the risks of disability and death. The provisions laid out in the regulations of SWICA’s employee benefits foundation apply.

Insured salary: The insured salary equals the annual salary, less the coordination deduction of currently CHF 24'885. The minimum coordinated salary is CHF 3'555.

Standard plan

Contributions in % of the insured salary
   Employee   Employer   Total
    Savings Risk   Savings Risk   Savings Risk
until age 22     1.60%  
23 - 31   5.60% 1.60%   11.20% 2.40%   16.80% 4.00%
32 - 41   6.30% 1.60%   12.50% 2.40%   18.80% 4.00%
42 - 51   7.60% 1.60%
  15.20% 2.40%
  22.80% 4.00%
52 - final age   8.30% 1.60%
  16.50% 2.40%
  24.80% 4.00% 


Standard Plus plan

Contributions in % of the insured salary
  Employee   Employer Total
    Savings Risk   Savings Risk   Savings Risk
until age 22     1.60%  
23 - 31   8.10% 1.60%   11.20% 2.40%   19.30% 4.00%
32 - 41   9.80% 1.60%   12.50% 2.40%   22.30% 4.00%
42 - 51   12.10% 1.60%
  15.20% 2.40%
  27.30% 4.00%
52 - final age   12.80% 1.60%
  16.50% 2.40%
  29.30% 4.00% 
Friendly Workspace
SWICA offers a respectful and caring working environment. SWICA is committed to promoting all aspects of its employees’ wellbeing.

In short: The Friendly Workspace label benefits all SWICA employees.

For more information about Friendly Workspace, please visit www.friendlyworkspace.ch.
Disclaimer: This information has been prepared for you with all due care and attention. However, the provision of entitlements is governed exclusively by the applicable rules and the respective detailed regulations. The conditions are subject to change.