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«As an SME, we work very closely with SWICA. We have illness rates that are higher than we would like and are trying to develop our occupational health management so that we can get the situation under control. My direct SWICA contact is available to provide advice practically around the clock.» 

Sabina Aguilar, Tschantré AG, satisfied SWICA corporate customer

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In the health insurance survey conducted by Comparis and K-Tipp, SWICA again takes first place and receives top ratings for outstanding service. We'd like to thank our customers for their positive ratings and the triple gold award.

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Solid insurance cover for your company and employees

Financial security and customized solutions

SWICA’s insurance solution for companies includes cover for daily sickness benefits, accident and healthcare and is tailored to the needs and risk profile of each business. This ensures that the insurance cover has no gaps or redundancies and that the benefits due in the event of illness, accident and incapacity for work are coordinated.

Preferential terms

SWICA has designed specific insurance solutions for group daily sickness benefits, group healthcare and occupational accident cover with numerous companies and associations. Affiliated businesses enjoy financial advantages and streamlined administration.

Group advantages and exclusive premium discounts for employees

Employers can enable their employees to enjoy SWICA quality and the exclusive 24/7 customer service, even in their personal health insurance. Thanks to attractive group discounts, employees can access outstanding medical care at a really attractive price.

OHM – the all-round solution for companies

Thanks to its unique integrated service chain in all health-related issues, SWICA is the ideal health partner for demanding companies. Its offering includes not only preventive healthcare, healthcare promotion, absence management and care management but also comprehensive protection against the financial risks of illness and accident.

Access to medical advice – 24 hours a day

The employees of SWICA-insured companies have access to professional medical advice 24 hours a day. The experienced doctors and medical staff from the sante24 helpline are there to provide expert advice – in four languages, worldwide, around the clock, 365 days a year. Advice is available free of charge to all SWICA customers.

Long-term savings thanks to successful reintegration

SWICA has more than 85 care managers in all regions of Switzerland. They are there to support the employees of SWICA-insured companies in the period after an illness or serious accident so that they can make a quick recovery and get back to work. SWICA Care Management for companies is SQS-certified.

Unique BENEVITA bonus programme with up to 15% premium discount

Under the BENEVITA bonus programme you can directly influence the premiums for a selected range of supplementary insurance plans by adopting a healthy lifestyle. BENEVITA provides you with relevant personalised information on health-related topics and supports you on the path towards increased wellbeing and commitment.

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