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Optimierung der Spitalversicherung

Save on hospitalisation insurance
Generous discounts and top hospital insurance benefits

Reduce your premium by increasing your co-payment, or enjoy additional discounts (up to 68%) by opting for a HOSPITA-FLEX or HOSPITA hospital list model.

Optimization of hospital insurance

Increase your deductible – and save up to 50% on your premiums

The higher your voluntary deductible, the greater your discount. You can reduce your premium by as much as 50% by increasing your deductible.

Deductible in CHF Premium discount in %
1,000.– 15
2,000.– 25
5,000.– 50



Choose HOSPITA FLEX or HOSPITA hospital list – and save up to 68% on your premiums

Depending on your choice of HOSPITA insurance model you can receive premium discounts of up to 68%.

HOSPITA insurance models Premium discount in %

HOSPITA SEMI-PRIVATE / PRIVATE list hospitalisation insurance: Choose a hospital from the SWICA hospital list.

Hospital list

A HOSPITA FLEX SEMI-PRIVATE or a HOSPITA FLEX PRIVATE plan gives you access to all public and private hospitals in Switzerland. You decide before each hospital stay whether you want the general, semi-private or private ward. No co-payments apply when you choose the general ward. If you prefer to get treatment in a semi-private or a private ward, a co-payment plan that was agreed in advance comes into effect.




Combining the SANTE basic insurance model with hospitalisation insurance delivers a 15% premium discount

SWICA BestMed Care Management Behandlung kompetent

Insured persons who opt for the alternative FAVORIT SANTE basic insurance model save 15% on hospitalisation insurance premiums (based on the individual insurance premium). With FAVORIT SANTE, the Medbase Medical Center or SWICA partner practices are your first point of contact for all questions relating to your health.

Find out more about alternative basic insurance models



Transparent and favourable co-payments

SWICA and PROVITA are the only health insurers that apply co-payments from basic insurance to those from SWICA supplementary insurance, which means your maximum annual co-payments will be much lower when compared to other health insurers.

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What our customers have to say. 

«The whole family has been impressed with the professional and expert advice we get from SWICA. SWICA are there to advise and support us. This is a health insurer you can rely on. You can really feel that they care about the health of their customers.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Urs Dübendorfer–

«I’m very happy to be insured with SWICA. You only notice how good your health insurer really is when you run into a health problem. SWICA is always there for you, its advisers are very friendly, and questions about your cover are always handled quickly.
Thanks a lot for all you've done.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Marion Heinemann –

«Both my parents and I have been insured with SWICA for our entire lives. We have never had any problems or experienced any disappointments. We couldn’t be happier!»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Esther Tabirri –

Other offers


BENEVITA bonus programme

BENEVITA rewards you for your healthy lifestyle with personal premium discounts.

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SWICA Home Nanny

Home Nanny

Whether it’s measles or the flu, your sick child will be in good hands with the Home Nanny service.


SWICA Abschlussaltertarif

Rates based on age at enrolment

SWICA’s rates are based on the age at enrolment and remain unchanged for life, so you can lean back with confidence later on.