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BENEVITA bonus programme

SWICA BALANCE – the insurance package for all-round preventive healthcare

This insurance package from SWICA adapts to meet the individual needs of your family. BALANCE offers all-round preventive healthcare and financial security for the whole family.
SWICA BALANCE provides the following benefits:

 Basic insurance

  • Outpatient medical treatment
  • Medicines in accordance with statutory list of medicines
FAVORIT model 

 Supplementary insurances

  • Medication
  • Complementary medicine
  • Glasses or contact lenses
  • Treatment abroad
  • Transport, rescue
  • Dental treatment and dental hygiene
  • Orthodontic work

Extended cover in case of accident

  • Free choice of doctor and hospital
  • First-rate supplementary benefits

Health legal protection insurance

  • Support when facing legal issues

             COMPLETA TOP
INFORTUNA medical expenses
Health legal protection



 Supplementary hospitalisation insurance

  • Choice of two-bed or multi-bed room
  • Free choice of doctor in the semi-private ward
  • Selectable co-payments

 Additional advantages

  • BENEVITA bonus programme discounts
Bonus programme 



The benefits provided by SWICA BALANCE in detail

Outpatient treatment, conventional medicine

Full cover for treatment by contracted physicians and other medical experts (e.g. chiropractors or midwives)


Full cover in the general or semi-private ward of public and private hospitals in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein

Free choice of hospital ward (general without deductible or semi-private with a deductible of CHF 300 per day, max. CHF 6'000 per year) before every hospital stay.


Full cover in line with statutory lists of medicines with doctor's prescription, medication prescribed by a doctor or naturopath including homeopathic, phytotherapeutic and anthroposophic preparations.             

Complementary medicine

CHF 80 per hour for SWICA-recognised doctors and therapists

Preventive medicine, checkups       

Full cover for preventive measures under the statutory benefits regulations and a gynaecological checkup every three years            


Full cover for vaccinations under the statutory benefits regulations

Glasses or contact lenses

CHF 180 per year up to the age of 18 for benefits under the statutory benefits regulations

90% up to CHF 200 every three years for glasses and contact lenses for other individuals over the age of 18 who fall outside the statutory benefits regulations

Treatment abroad

Full cover for outpatient and inpatient treatment in emergencies, travel costs for visitors, repatriation

For planned elective inpatient treatment abroad: CHF 10'000 for treatment costs and CHF 100 per day spent in hospital**

Emergency transport/medically indicated transport, search and rescue operations

Switzerland: max. 90% up to CHF 40'000 for emergency transport and transfers (in combination with basic insurance); up to CHF 40'000 per year for search and rescue operations

Outside Switzerland: full cover for emergency transport and transfers; up to CHF 50'000 per year (in combination with basic insurance) for search and rescue operations; full cover for repatriation

Dental treatment and hygiene

Full cover in the event of dental accident (primary care)

50% up to CHF 100 per year for dental treatment and dental hygiene

Orthodontic work

50% up to CHF 10'000 per year up to age 25

Home help

50% up to CHF 60 per day, max. 60 days per year

Home care

With a doctor's prescription, Spitex for investigation, consultation, treatment/basic care and nursing home in line with care assessment and statutory benefits regulations.

+ CHF 60 per day from supplementary insurance

Home Nanny service: CHF 60 per day, max. 60 days per year

Spa treatment

Up to CHF 100 per day, max. 30 days per year medically indicated            

Convalescence cures

Up to CHF 50 per day, max. 30 days per year medically indicated


Full cover for medical psychotherapy (no self-employed psychologists)

90% up to CHF 50 per session, max. 60 sessions per year with SWICA-recognised psychologists


Statutory list of aids and appliances (MiGel)

+ 90% up to CHF 200 per year for aids from MiGel or other aids

Accident risk

Optional: We recommend the accident supplement in COMPLETA TOP and HOSPITA FLEX because employers often do not cover household help and complementary medicine.


* The following applies to all the products listed in this overview of benefits: For all products listed here, payment of benefits is subject to the current General Insurance Conditions (GIC) and Supplementary Insurance Conditions (SIC) with the date of issue printed on your insurance policy. Year always refers to the calendar year. 
** Co-payment in COMPLETA TOP: Under the General Insurance Conditions (GIC) and the Supplementary Conditions (SC) these benefits are subject to a CHF 600 excess for adult insured persons (CHF 0 for children) and a 10% deductible for all insured persons (max. CHF 700 for adults, CHF 350 for children). Co-payments that have already been made under mandatory healthcare insurance are applied (see "SWICA advantage").


Full cover means we pay all costs over and above the legally required and/or agreed share of the costs. The payment of benefits is defined by the General Insurance Provisions and any additional conditions.

SWICA BENEVITA bonus programme


Do you have both feet firmly on the ground and want comprehensive cover? Then SWICA is your strong healthcare partner with attractive insurance solutions.

The advantages of SWICA BENEVITA bonus programme

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BENEVITA bonus programme

BENEVITA rewards you for your healthy lifestyle with personal premium discounts.

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Home Nanny

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SWICA Abschlussaltertarif

Rates based on age at enrolment

SWICA’s rates are based on the age at enrolment and remain unchanged for life, so you can lean back with confidence later on.