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BENEVITA Business – the digital health platform for your company.

Healthy motivated employees perform better. The BENEVITA health platform enables your employees to take more responsibility for their own health. BENEVITA supports and motivates them to adopt a health-oriented lifestyle. It also provides information in an informal way to help them through the various phases of their life.

BENEVITA Business helps your employees to boost their wellbeing and become more engaged, which results in fewer absences.

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The advantages of BENEVITA Business.

Personal health tips
On the BENEVITA health platform your employees will receive useful health tips and helpful advice about exercise, nutrition and wellbeing (e.g. recipes and events).

Coaching by experts
Experts from santé24 will coach and support your employees free of charge, helping them to achieve their sporting and health-related goals.

Stronger team spirit
Challenges encourage social interaction between employees and the company through light-hearted sporting challenges.

Responsible employer
BENEVITA Business sharpens the company’s image as a responsible employer which is concerned for the health and wellbeing of its employees.

Modern communications channel
The BENEVITA health platform provides companies with a modern communications channel for targeted health campaigns.

Secure and mobile
SWICA believes strongly in protecting your personal data. When you use BENEVITA, your data is always safe and secure, in accordance with Swiss data protection regulations.

BENEVITA Business offers the following functions

Personalised content and individual branding

Your employees receive useful health tips and helpful advice about exercise, nutrition and wellbeing – in line with the idea of “Helping people to help themselves”. The more your employees use the platform, the more the content is tailored to their interests and needs. As a company, you can include more of your own content and present the BENEVITA health platform in line with your own corporate design.

Quick Polls

Quick Polls are short surveys which your employees can complete on the BENEVITA health platform. The more Quick Polls they complete, the more the content is tailored to each individual employee’s interests and needs. You can produce your own Quick Polls to find out more about your employees’ interests and needs. As long as at least ten people take part, it is possible to generate aggregated analyses which fully protect employee privacy.


You can use challenges to place a focus on physical exercise during the working day. Employees can use fitness trackers to record the number of steps they take each day. As a business, you can launch as many competitions as you like and help motivate your employees to adopt a health-oriented lifestyle.

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The benefit packages from BENEVITA Business.

Use competitions and rewards to encourage your employees to invest in their health and wellbeing. BENEVITA Business offers three different benefit packages.


    Benefit package 1           Benefit package 2           Benefit package 3    

Own branding and content
                Exercise campaigns
          Exercise campaigns

Quick Polls
          Quick Polls
          Quick Polls


Personalised content
          Personalised content
          Personalised content
    free of charge
(annual flat rates)
(annual flat rates)
    Companies of all sizes
          For companies with
> 100 employees
          For companies with
> 200 employees



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