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Daily sickness benefits insurance – lost earnings in case of illness are fully covered

Financial security, cost that can be exactly budgeted, top service and a lean administration are the advantages of daily sickness benefits insurance from SWICA.

Financial security for your company and your staff

Transfer the risk of having to compensate lost earnings to SWICA at a cost that can be exactly calculated and budgeted.

Your advantages from SWICA:

  • Financial security and medical care for your employees
  • Coordination with other insurance providers (for example, the disability insurance (IV)), offices, doctors and other institutions
  • All the requirements stipulated by labour laws are met at all times
  • Obligations with regard to sick pay are fulfilled
  • The cost of any replacement staff is covered
  • No extra work for your HR managers
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SWICA Care Management

Care management

Whether it’s an illness or an accident, SWICA care managers offer your employees personal assistance.


SWICA sante24

sante24 health advice

The worldwide health advice helpline for you and your employees. 365 days a year, around the clock.



Occupational health management (OHM)

Whether you’re concerned about ergonomics or nutrition, support your employees’ health with the OHM programme.

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