Do something good for yourself and others with community coins

Achieve something valuable together: your BENEVITA community coins can help WWF to protect native wild bees. These busy insects are essential for the environment and for us, but sadly most species are under threat. Find out how your donation can make a difference.

Help wild bees with BENEVITA

Without wild bees, at least a third of our food would not exist. Crops that rely on pollinators include apples, strawberries and fennel. But the native wild bee is in trouble. Intensive farming and the spread of urban populations are putting them under pressure, depriving them of food sources, habitat and nesting spaces. Around half of the 600 or so species are at risk or are even facing extinction.

WWF's «Nature connects» project is a voluntary, nationwide initiative that aims to preserve and enhance the natural habitats of wild bees and keep Switzerland's crop fields and orchards humming and buzzing.

That's where your community coins come in

Support WWF's wide-ranging work with the community coins you earn in the BENEVITA app. Your contribution will ensure that hedges are planted, pastures and species-rich meadows are maintained and projects that raise public awareness are successfully implemented. Recent action by WWF includes the following:

  • Over a period of 112 hours, 28 employees constructed nesting sites for insects in a location near Amden.
  • A team of 36 volunteers spent 90 hours tending a 200-metre-long hedgerow and creating a stone cairn near Arbon.
  • Near Bürglen in the canton of Uri, 13 volunteers built a 50-metre-long dry stone wall.

A glimpse into the work of WWF

Getting hands-on outdoors, and winning hearts and minds from the office: WWF shows us the intensive work on the ground and the awareness-raising work behind it.

It's important that we do what we can for the natural spaces directly on our doorstep. Annette Wallimann, head of the «Nature creates connections» project at WWF Switzerland

For the health of mankind and the environment

Man and his environment in perfect harmony - an intact natural world has a direct, positive influence on our wellbeing. That's why SWICA, as a healthcare organisation, supports WWF's environmental work. Read more about our partnership on our website.

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