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SWICA on the path to more sustainability

SWICA regards sustainability as a fundamental principle in achieving its corporate goals. For SWICA, the focus has never been on profit optimisation alone, but on the principle of acting in a committed, solution-oriented way with above-average service quality, and of managing the company in a sustainable and financially stable manner. The topic of sustainability plays an important role in SWICA's corporate strategy.
The future of our planet is synonymous with the future of mankind. After all, the state of the environment has a significant impact on our health. An intact natural world has a direct, positive influence on our wellbeing. That is why SWICA, as a healthcare organisation, wants to take care of the environment and thereby enable future generations to enjoy a high quality of life.
We are on the cusp of a systematic trend towards becoming a sustainable organisation. Together with our partners, we want to work actively on the dimension of ecology in the coming years. Reto Dahinden, CEO of SWICA
Environmental impacts in the healthcare sector are mainly caused by upstream suppliers and the extraction of raw materials (FOEN Environmental Atlas Supply Chains, 2020). Nevertheless, every company can make a contribution to reducing these impacts. That is why SWICA is investing in the development of sustainability within the company and in doing so is taking a lead from the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In an initial phase, an analysis is carried out to identify the most relevant internal environmental and sustainability aspects and to define potential measures. This will help to reduce SWICA's operational footprint. In a second phase, the sustainability aspects in the upstream and downstream value chains are analysed and innovative solutions launched.

SWICA and the WWF: together for the health of mankind and the environment

As part of a partnership arrangement, SWICA has been supporting the WWF's environmental work financially since September 2021. The partners raise their customers' awareness of the links between health and environmental protection.

WWF Switzerland is the leading nature and environmental protection organisation in Switzerland and part of the global WWF network. The WWF aims to stop the global destruction of the environment and shape a future in which human beings and nature can co-exist in harmony. To achieve this goal, the WWF is committed to preserving global biodiversity and reducing the use of natural resources to sustainable levels.

Through its partnership with the WWF, SWICA will promote the SDGs at an ecological level in the coming years.

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SWICA supports the WWF runs

To encourage people to get out into the natural world, SWICA supports WWF runs across Switzerland. These get participants excited about environmental issues and exercising in green spaces. And they support the WWF's project work financially. The WWF organises about 55 runs every year across Switzerland, in which approximately 10'000 runners - mainly children - take part. You can find out more about the WWF runs here.

SWICA is also committed to helping with national and international WWF environmental projects.

You benefit thanks to the partnership between the WWF and SWICA

Thanks to this partnership, WWF members and WWF sponsors and their spouses/life partners and children living in the same household receive a 10% premium discount on all HOSPITA hospital insurance policies and 10% on COMPLETA TOP supplementary insurance from SWICA.

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Inspirations for a more sustainable life

Footprint Calculator

Use SWICA's footprint calculator to quantify your own ecological footprint and receive tips on how to reduce it. The analysis shows your footprint in relation to the Swiss average.

Footprint calculator

Documentary: Our Planet. Our Business

This WWF film highlights the impact of the global economy on the planet and its health and offers inspiring solutions for developing sustainable business practices.

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