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Sports associations & sponsorship

SWICA promotes sport and exercise like no other insurer. It operates successful group partnerships with numerous sports associations and is also involved in sponsorship.
As your partner in all health-related issues, SWICA provides extensive support in the field of health promotion and preventive healthcare. SWICA’s comprehensive offering includes various health-promoting measures and preventive healthcare programmes, exclusive advantages thanks to numerous partnerships with selected sports associations, and the BENEVITA bonus programme which rewards SWICA customers who lead a healthy lifestyle. Under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans you receive contributions of up to CHF 800 per year towards health promotion and preventive healthcare.

Group partner sponsorship and sports sponsorship

SWICA SwissTennis
In this area of sponsorship SWICA primarily supports national sports associations in their activities. Members who are insured through a sports association as well as with SWICA enjoy not only sports promotion contributions but also group discounts in supplementary insurance. This results in a win-win situation for all concerned. SWICA demonstrates regional solidarity and client proximity through its involvement in numerous regional and local (sporting) events.

If you have any questions about group partner sponsorship and sports sponsorship, please address them to: 
SWICA Healthcare Organisation
Marketing & Advertising
Römerstrasse 38
8401 Winterthur

Sports associations & partnerships

SWICA is strongly committed to promoting health among its insured persons and therefore collaborates with many national and local sports associations. Thanks to these partnerships, active members can benefit from generous contributions and preferential terms for supplementary insurance.

Are you an active member of a sports association? Read more about the advantages that lie in store here.


Akademischer Sportverband Zürich
IG Kletteranlagen
Loipen Schweiz

Migros Golfpark
Schweizerischer Turnverband
Swiss Tennis

TanzVereinigung Schweiz TVS

Social sponsorship

The aim of SWICA's social sponsorship programme is to promote prevention and healthy lifestyles and support a range of activities at its various locations.
If you have any questions about local activities, please address them to the relevant regional agency. You can find the details online.

If you have questions about activities at national or supraregional level or activities in Winterthur, please address them to 
SWICA Healthcare Organisation
Corporate Communications
Römerstrasse 38
8401 Winterthur